Ezekiel 1:1-3

Introduction:     The Book of Ezekiel reveals truths about Godís person and plan. To see these truths, we must understand where Ezekiel fits into Biblical history and why God brings the judgment and restoration that He does. A greater knowledge of God will carry us through the most difficult of times. The knowledge of God that Ezekiel provides us more fully equips us to live for Christ.


I.          GOD REVEALS HIMSELF (1-3)

            A.        In His Word

        The source of his prophecy (v.1)

        The authority of his prophecy (v.3) Ė Ezekielís words and actions resulted from Godís work in his life. Ezekiel knew God personally. It is true that creation declares the glory of God (Rom.1:18-20). However, the Word of God is special revelation. It reveals Godís person. The Word moves us beyond the knowledge that God exists to the knowledge of the God who exists.

        The days of the prophets and prophecy have passed. We must simply obey the Word we have received. We must go to the Word of God and learn!

            B.         By His Word

What does the Word reveal about God?

        He is a ruling God (v.1) Ė working out His plan to purify Israel . Godís people should have been in Godís land enjoying Godís blessings. Instead, they are out of Godís land and under Godís judgment. (Central key to understanding Ezekiel)

        There is chastisement and judgment for heard-hearted disobedience.

        He is gracious to turn from judgment and restore is people when they repent.

        God, Who has revealed Himself in the Word, has fulfilled His Word by judging His people. His judgment was according to His Word, yet he did not abandon His people. He ministered to them through His prophet.


Conclusion:       The God who judges is also the God Who longs to restore His people if they will only submit to Him.