Matthew 12:22-32

Introduction:     What is the unpardonable sin? It is not a Legal sin; it is not a Mental sin or a Verbal sin. It is a Spiritual sin. It is a sin of the Heart (vv.24, 25; 34). Ps.103:12 tells us that once saved all sin is forgiven. (Ps. 103:12) "As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us" But there is one sin God will never forgive in a lost person. This sin Grace cannot Erase and the Cross will never Cleanse. People commit this sin every day. It is progressive. There are at least three steps that come into the heart before this sin is committed.

I.          SUPERNATURAL DENIAL (VV.22-24)
I believe in the Supernatural. (Salvation and Scriptures) I may not understand it all, but I stand on it all. I can't explain it all, but I'm excited about it all. When you believe in the supernatural you will believe in at least two things:

            A.        The Miracles of the Savior. (v.22, 23)

·        (v.22) "Healed" = Relieved. When Jesus shows up there is relief. Funerals turn to Festivals, Sickness to Celebrations, and Diseases to Delights. Brother I serve a Water Walking, Heaven Talking, Wine Turning, Fire Burning, Sin Killing, Storm Stilling, Leper Cleansing, and Rapture Coming SAVIOR!!

·        (v.23) "Amazed" = to be beside-self, astounded, out of wits. We ought to be amazed today. There is rejoicing in heaven...Some yawn here, but their yelling there! Some are sleeping here, but their shouting in glory! Some are reclining here, but they are rejoicing up in heaven!

            B.         The Ministry of the Spirit. (v.24)

·        They couldn't deny the miracle so they tried to explain it away. "Beelzebub" = dung god (The lord of the flies - god of garbage). (Illus: a Phoenician god "garbage brings life")

·        They blasphemed the Holy Spirit. (vv.24-28) "Blasphemy" = to hurt or blast the reputation, to smite with words that are insulting or injurious. The Pharisees sin consisted of the unreasonable and absurd rejection of the Son of God as the Savior of man in opposition to the plain testimony of the Holy Spirit. (Illus: Adrian Rogers – “Rejecting Jesus with your eyes wide open”).

·        What's the big deal about the Holy Spirit? EVERYTHING! He is God's agent of light. You can't be saved without the Holy Spirit!

o       He doesn't do the Saving, He does the Showing.

o       He doesn't do the Cleansing, He does the Calling.

o       He doesn't do the Delivering, He does the Drawing.

He is the bearer of the Truth and it's a big, big deal. Every time you say no it is a step in the wrong direction.

·        What is the sin God will never forgive? Resisting the WORK of the Holy Spirit and Rejecting His WITNESS of Jesus. What the Holy Spirit did to prove the divinity of Christ, the Pharisees turned into an argument to show Christ as an imposter (acting by Satan).

II.         SPIRITUAL DECAY.  (V.30) 
(James 1:15) "Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death." Sin is spiritual cancer - the devil's disease. What are some of the Symptoms of Spiritual decay?

            A.        Deception. (2 Thess.2:11, 12)

·        A choice to make (v.12).

·        You can say no enough till you live in deception and think your ok.

·        Everyone here today will make a decision. (See v.30) If you don’t say yes, you are saying no! The truth is a big deal! The truth in a nutshell:

There is none good – Rom.3:10

All have sinned - Rom.3:23

If you die on your best day lost you will go to hell.

God loves you in spite of your sin and wants to save you – Rom.5:8.

Man deserves hell but God offers the gift of Eternal Life – Rom.6:23.

God’s prescription for salvation – Rom. 10:9-10. – That’s the truth! Every time you say no to Jesus as He speaks to your heart, you begin to live in deception!

            B.         Darkness. (Rom.11:8a)
See = perceive; to view clearly

            C.        Deafness. (Rom.11:8b)
Not listening – they have heard it all before. Denial leads to Decay. (Jn.12:35; 37; 39)


            A.        Helpless this world now.

            B.         Hopeless... in the world to come.

This is the result of Resisting the Holy Spirit's testimony and Rejecting Jesus as Savior. You can say no long enough till one day you want have to anymore, because He will stop calling you. What is the unpardonable sin? Rejecting the way of the salvation of Christ in opposition to the fullest evidence given. (Heb.2:3) It is the Calm, Determined, Persevering rejection of Jesus Christ as the savior of man, in Complete Opposition to all the testimony of His Word and Spirit.

Conclusion:       The good news is that anyone with the desire to be saved can be. Be saved today. After death all sin is unpardonable. What will you do with this truth?