Proverbs 4:18-19

Introduction:     This passage teaches clearly that in the sight of God there are only two types of people, the just and the wicked; those who are right with God and those who are wrong with God; those who are believers and those who are unbelievers; the saved and the lost. Just as the Bible teaches us that there two types of people it also teaches that there are two kinds of life that you can live. Many today stand at a fork in the road, and the choice made as to which way they will go, what they will do with Jesus Christ will determine the rest of their life. The road you get on determines the kind of life you live. The road you take also determines the destination you will arrive at one day. (Illus: need for passing on the truthÖ9 out of 10 SBC young folks will not be in church by their sophomore year in college). What is the problem? I believe that they determine to take the wrong road. As we come to fork in the road notice:


I.          THERE IS A NARROW PATH (V.18)

This way is not call a highway, just a path. Notice on this path there is:

            A.        A Small Crowd

Few people are on this path (Mat 7:13-14) "Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: {14} Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." ďStraitĒ = confined or narrow. The way to this path is through a very narrow gate. This is the tragedy, more people are going to hell than are going to heaven; more people are going to choose the wrong gate and the wrong path and there is no one to blame if you make the wrong choice but yourself because itís your choice to make. God has given you free will; free choice, and God has pointed you in the right direction, but you must personally make the choice which road you take. Why donít more people get on the right path? Because it is so narrow:

        You must get on one at a time (personal).

        You canít take anything with you (no bags, self-righteousness or good deeds, etc.) (Illus: but, Iím a good personÖyou canít get on this narrow path with that goodness, you have to leave it behind). (Illus: many only want hell insurance).

Only the just can take this path by receiving Jesus as personal savior. So if you want to walk on this narrow path, the path Jesus walks, the path that is Godís will for your life, you must decide this, I will not follow the crowd, I will not follow the majority, I will follow Christ, Iíll walk through this gate leaving all else behind and say Jesus only to thy cross I cling!

            B.         A Shining Light

This is the life that we should all want to life for Jesus. This is the light of God; this is His presence and His blessing. That light speaks of joy, understanding, knowledge, of the life of God Himself. God is light and Jesus said I am the light of the world! That is the pathway you want to walk. Notice several things about this light. It is an:

        Awakening Light Ė the light of dawn when sun first comes up, ďshining lightĒ = the dawning light, the first light you see in the morning. (Illus: salvation is like the light coming on).

        Increasing Light Ė it just get brighter and brighter. When you get on that narrow path your life is going to be more fulfilling, more peace, and more joy. Youíre going to get more power and more grace.

        Guiding Light Ė The sun doesnít go wherever it wants to go. God has a prescribed direction for it to take. God has a plan and purpose for you as well, a prescribed direction for you to take.

C.                    A Superlative Day

The path you get on determines your destination. What is the perfect day? Itís heaven! The Bible says in heave there is no night because Christ is the light. Heaven is a perfect place (expound). One day Iím going to step out of this old body and Iím going to step into a perfect day in a place called heaven.


II.         THERE IS A WIDE ROAD (V.19)

The way of the wicked is a wide way Ė not path. Notice on the wide road there is:

            A.        A Large Crowd

Why are the majority of people on this wide road? Because:

        Itís popular-everybody wants to do what everybody else is doing.

        Itís the easy way Ė I donít have to give up anything. I donít have to pray or repent of my sins. I donít have to place myself in Godís hands. I can just get on that road Ė I can be my god!

Many are going to get on this wide road because people are going to do what theyíre going to do. You see on the narrow path you do what God wants you to do! So the majority gets on that road and rushes head long into hell.

            B.         A Dark Way

No direction, no comfort, no peace and safety just darkness. There is a moral darkness, a darkness of conscience in the lives of so many today. They donít see what their doing or where they are going. They donít see that the choices that they make today will affect their lives down the road. There is a cloud of darkness that covers their soul.

            C.        A Tragic End

Stumbling alone in the darkness leaves you empty and broken in the end. Because you choose to get on the popular road where the majority, are (you think) living it up, youíll grope along in one failed marriage or relationship after another, trying this drug or that drink to fill the void, all the while rushing headlong into hell. What a tragic way to end the life God granted you.


Conclusion:       Today you are at a fork in the road. One way is the narrow path of God. The other way is a wide road ending in hell. Which will you choose?