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  Romans 5:18-6:9

Introduction:     "He that saith he abideth in him ought himself to walk, even as he walked." (1 John 2:6). In that verse John uses the term "walk" as many of the New Testament writers to refer to the Christians way of life.  Notice that the verse does not say that the Christian should be concerned with keeping pace with other Christians, but that they should be, "Walking In Step With The Savior." The word of God describes to us in several different passages what the Christians "walk" is to be. In this series we are going to focus on those passages.  My desire is that by the end of this series each of us will be "Walking In Step With The Savior." In this passage we learn that "Walking In Step With The Savior" means that the Christian should walk in newness of life." (v. 4)

As we think of walking in newness of life, there are three aspects of new life that I want us to focus on. First let's consider…Grace Is: 

I.          THE PROVISION OF NEW LIFE (5:18-19, 21)

How is it that we can walk in newness of life? What makes it possible for a sinful person to be transformed? The answer is one word, Grace! God's amazing grace! I was taught that Grace was God's unmerited favor - something that we don't deserve.

Our text tells us that God's Grace is greater than....

A.        Our Condition (v.19)

The book of Romans reminds us of our condition. We are sinners (Romans 3:10; Romans 3:23; Romans 5:12; Romans 5:19).

        No one can walk in newness of life until they have come to the place where they understand their condition before God.

        We sadly live in a world that no longer wants to accept the fact that all of our problems in this world can be traced right back to the root cause of SIN!

(Illus: A bottle that was plainly marked in red letters, POISON!  He asked the man who came to see him if he thought that it would be wise to remove this label and put on another label that said, "syrup”). Someone has said, "The milder the label the more dangerous the poison."

        Yet in the second half of verse 20 we see the solution to our condition.  We are told... "But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound."

Grace is greater than our condition.  Grace is also greater than...

B.         Our Condemnation (vv.8, 21)

Notice that sin brings judgment and condemnation (18). What does grace offer? Grace offers justification (18), and eternal life (21). We can have new life because of the provision of God's Grace.

II.         THE POWER OF NEW LIFE (6:2-6)

Grace is the provision of New Life and as we will see, Jesus is the power of New Life. In verse 1 (chapter 6), Paul ask an interesting question.  He asked the question because he had been emphasizing the abounding grace of the Lord, but he did not want anyone to think that he was suggesting that grace gives license or freedom for sin. Notice Paul’s answer.... vs. 2a.... God forbid! Paul was basically making the point that it is impossible for a saved individual to continue living in or practicing a lifestyle of sin.

Quote... Donald Grey Barnhouse.. commenting on this passage wrote... "Holiness starts where justification finishes, and if holiness does not start, we have the right to suspect justification has never started. 

Paul basis his argument on the fact that the believer is united to the person of Jesus Christ. Paul also explains that

A.                 That Union Reckons The Believer "Dead TO Sin". (vv.2-6) 

His relationship to sin has changed.  Usually when studying this passage, the term "baptism" becomes the focus.  The term is important and needs to be properly understood. The word itself literally means, "to dip, immerse, or to place something into something." Unfortunately, many see the term and immediately conclude that what these verses are saying is that we are saved or united to Jesus through being baptized in water. If you have any knowledge of the New Testament doctrine of Salvation, then you know that salvation is by "grace through faith", not the act of being baptized. As I have studied this passage, I have come to the opinion that water baptism was not what Paul was referring to. In fact I agree with what I heard the late J. Vernon McGee say about these verses.  He said that you could wring them out and not get a drop of water out of them. If water baptism is not in view here, what is Paul referring to. What other baptism is there? The baptism of the Spirit. We are "born of the Spirit" and by the Spirit we are baptized into the body of Christ ( 1 Cor. 12:13). It is the work of the Holy Spirit that unites the believer with Jesus.

B.         That Union Reconciles Our Death To Sin With Christ's Death On The Cross (vv.5-6)

When Jesus died, His death not only provided a remedy for the penalty of our sin, but it also provided a remedy for the power of sin in our lives because our old man died in Christ at the cross. We no longer have to yield to sin.  It no longer rules us. Let's go back for just a moment to the subject of baptism.  I want to clarify something. Though water baptism does not save, and though it is not primarily in view here, we do need to understand that water baptism illustrates the reality of being united with Jesus through the work of the Holy Spirit. If you have not been baptized, before this week is out you should determine to be obedient to Jesus and publically be identified with Jesus and his death burial and resurrection. Notice that Paul also explains that our union to Jesus not only allows us to share in the Lords death but also His resurrection.  (Note: v.4b and 5b). It is the power of His resurrection that is the power to liberate us from sin and enable us to serve the Savior.  Note. v. 7, 18, 20-22.


If anyone trusts Jesus and walks in newness of life, what will be the results? 

            A.        A Preserved Life (v.8)

"..we shall also live with Him."

B.                 A Changed Life (v.23)

Jesus is in the life changing business. For example...Paul, Zacheaus, Woman at the Well, Corinthians.

Conclusion:       Jesus wants you to have..... Life, New Life, Eternal Life.